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An exclusive view behind the scenes of Stage TV

Not in the TV studio, but rather in the loft on the riverside in Dietlikon was the place of production of all video recordings.
The takes were prepared and the practice room of the Duo Scacciapensieri was transformed to the perfect studio, within several days of work.

Cameras, cables, spotlights and green walls: These are the technical ingredients of the Stage TV production. The shootings were all made in front of a "green screen". This green background is later replaced by background pictures at will during post-edition.
The make-up artist Maja Tackett is in charge of keeping hair and make-up perfect. Every now and then she dabs the sweat off the artists' forehead.
Daniela Lager takes off: In this scene of the show the presenter swims upwards out of the screen. Some shaking with the feet and a lowering camera movement at the same time are enough: The rest of the illusion is created with the computer.
This is where precision is demanded: Video designer Ralph Wiedemeier discusses the exact position of his hands for the "dream scene" with Caspar Fries.